about broken fish

From Seattle director Colby K. Neal, and Taiwanese producer Shihyun Kung, comes Broken Fish, a short "call-to-action" documentary film educating Seattleites about wild salmon habitat destruction, and how pollutants in Puget Sound impact tribal communities whose livelihoods depend on a healthy wild salmon cycle.

The documentary was conceptualized at the University of Washington's Comm Lead graduate program with representatives from the Suquamish Tribe Fisheries department, Nereus Program, and Ocean Link NW, October 2017.

Through the Comm Lead/Ocean Link NW partnership with the Nereus Program, and collaborative efforts with Nereus co-director/UW assistant professor Dr. Yoshitaka Ota (UW School of Marine & Environmental Affairs), the Broken Fish trailer premiered during the Nereus Symposium in front world leaders in ocean health research at the Nippon Foundation in Tokyo, Dec. 2017.  


First promo artwork. 

First promo artwork.